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Finding the Right Dentist for You

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Don’t wait to look for a dentist until an emergency forces you to do so. Choosing one before you have a serious need may save you pain, money, and stress. Whether you’re moving to a new area or just want to find a new dentist, these suggestions can help you find a dentist you are comfortable with and best meets your dental needs.

Where do I start?
Ask family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors for their recommendations. If you’re moving, your current dentist may be able to suggest one. You can also look at online dentist directories for a list of dentists in your area.

What’s the office like?
Find out the office location, hours, and availability of appointment times. Ask how long the practice has been in operation, and what type of emergency care is offered. When you visit the office, look for cleanliness and a courteous, friendly staff. Also ask about patient comforts like pre-medication, and amenities such as music or movies.

Is the dentist qualified?
Inquire about the dentist’s education and experience, and whether the dentist pursues continuing training in the latest technology and innovations. If there are specific procedures that you’re interested in, find out if the dentist performs those or refers patients to other specialists. Also note whether the dentist is a member of a state or national dental society.

What about costs?
If you have dental insurance, confirm that the dentist is covered by your policy. Ask how they handle insurance claims in order to avoid billing hassles. No matter whether you’re paying out-of-pocket or using insurance, determine dental costs up front so there won’t be any big surprises.

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What is a Dental Emergency?

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Sometimes an injury or tooth pain can occur suddenly, and immediate dental care may be required. It’s not always obvious when a problem needs emergency care, but some dental emergencies do need to be treated quickly to avoid infections or permanent damage.

Here’s a guide to situations that are usually considered dental emergencies.

  • Cracked or broken tooth – contact your dentist immediately. Rinse your mouth with water and hold a cold compress to the affected area until you can get to your dentist’s office.
  • Excessive bleeding with lip or tongue bite – clean the area and use a cold compress. Go to the emergency room if the bleeding is severe or won’t stop.
  • Jaw injury – if you think you may have broken your jaw, apply a cold pack and immediately to your dentist’s office or the emergency room.
  • Knocked out tooth –rinse the root of the lost tooth if it’s dirty. Do not scrub or removed any tissue left on the tooth. Try reinserting the tooth into its socket, but if that isn’t successful, see your dentist right away. Placing the lost tooth in milk may help preserve the tooth until you can get professional help.
  • Loose tooth – see your dentist immediately if one of your teeth is loosened. Take over-the-counter pain reliever if needed, and apply a cold compress.
  • Lost crown or filling – place the crown or filling in a safe place and contact your dentist. To decrease sensitivity, you may apply clove oil and dental cement available at your drugstore, but only if you’ve gotten approval from your dentist.
  • Severe or sudden toothache – rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss around the tooth. Contact your dentist if your toothache persists.
  • Swelling – painful swelling in your mouth may indicate an abscess, which is an infected area of pus that can become serious. See your dentist as soon as possible, and try rinsing your mouth with saltwater in the meantime.

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