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Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Losing teeth as a result of injury has happened to millions of people. Missing teeth lower the quality of life as it makes eating and speaking difficult. Not only that, it makes you self-conscious. Dentists can offer several methods that can restore your mouth’s function and give you back great smiles.

Dental implants
Implants are the newest technology in tooth replacement. Dental implants provide a natural and comfortable option for restoring both function and appearance. A titanium artificial tooth root is surgically inserted into your jaw. A metal post goes into your bone under you gums, and then a replacement tooth (also called a crown) is attached to the post. After that, the treatment is considered as complete. Implants are the preferred choice for most people as they don’t affect neighboring teeth, and are completely secure. However, for the implants to be done successful, the patient must have a minimum height and width of jawbone to support it. Besides that, the gums must be healthy and well.

This type of prosthesis bridges the gap between missing teeth and your surrounding teeth. They are another excellent option for tooth replacement. Fixed bridges are bonded onto the neighboring teeth and serve as a good long term solution. Removable bridges can be taken out for cleaning for better hygiene. Bridges can be made from materials such as alloys, porcelain and gold. They restore back the function of eating, smiling and speech.

When many or all teeth are gone, the best tooth replacement choice for that situation would be dentures. This is due to dentures being inexpensive and offer flexibility in modifying the prosthesis. Complete dentures are indicated when you have no natural teeth left. They cover your upper and lower gums. Overdentures are used if you have some teeth left to provide support. Dentures are sometimes difficult at first while you get used to how they feel and how they affect your speaking and eating. As it requires time to get used to wearing them, so don’t get frustrated if it is uncomfortable in the beginning.


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Steps to Dental Implants

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

The method of teeth replacement has been revolutionized by dental implants. Implants are great as they offer a secure, permanent, and natural looking way to restore your smile. Here are some common inquiries patients ask regarding dental implants.

Are implants a suitable option for me?
To achieve the optimal result, patients must meet certain health criteria. Adequate bone density is crucial because the implants need to fuse together with the jaw bone. The bone must have sufficient density for proper attachment, which is a term known as osseointegration. Also needed is good general oral health as problems such as dental decay, or gum disease may increase bacteria levels in the mouth. Patients ought to be in good physical health so that healing can take place.

What should I prepare for treatment?
Some procedures might be necessary before implant surgery. For example, a bone graft might be performed to enhance bone thickness in the jaw bone area. Periodontal treatment may be recommended for the gums to heal before surgery. The dentist might also recommend extraction if there are teeth are infected or damaged.

How is the procedure conducted?
Implant surgery is performed using anesthesia or dental sedation so that no pain is felt during the procedure. Firstly, a small incision is made in the gums, the titanium implant will be placed in the jaw, and then the gums will be stitched up. It may take single or several visits depending on the technique used.

Anything to be expected during recovery?
The healing phase is vital for the success dental implants. It is aided by proper care as directed by the physician. Adequate rest, and consuming approved foods and drinks helps speed the recovery. It usually takes several months for the site to heal fully and the implant to integrate with the bone. When the healing is complete, a crown will be placed on top, and the restoration is considered complete.


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Cosmetic Treatments that Straighten Teeth

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

A cosmetic dentist will offer a couple of methods to improve your smile and overall facial appearance. You may choose to seek cosmetic dental treatment for the oral problems that bothers you. The common complaint patients have is misaligned or crooked teeth. Cosmetic dentists can help in these ways:

Traditional braces
Metal braces are the old-fashioned type of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. They are bonded onto your teeth and contain brackets and wires that are adjusted throughout the duration of treatment. Treatment can take anywhere from under a year up to several years depending on the case severity. The braces will then be removed once teeth have shifted into their desired position.

Another alternative is tooth contouring, which can make teeth straighter. This can be done by just by altering their shape. Chips can be removed, and teeth that are too long can be shortened. Though contouring isn’t always a teeth straightening solution, sometimes it is exactly what is needed to change a smile in order to make it more pleasant.

Aligning trays
Another type of orthodontic treatment involves the use of transparent plastic aligning trays. They are pleasing to the eye as they are nearly invisible. Also, they can be removed at any time for eating and cleaning of the device. This type of treatment can usually be completed within a year.

Cosmetic dentists may provide the solution for crooked teeth by applying dental veneers. These thin porcelain shells are bonded directly onto the front of your teeth to mask problems such as fractures, crookedness, gaps, and discoloration. Veneers are a long term and is widely used today.

Oral surgery
Considered as the last resort, surgery may be required to realign jaws or alter the dentition. As this is an invasive method, much consideration has to be given before proceeding. At times, surgery is the first step in straightening teeth, and then braces is needed afterwards to complete the course of treatment to achieve desired results.


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Cosmetic Dentistry Has Come a Long Way

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

The advancements of modern technology have enabled cosmetic dentistry to offer a wide variety of ways to repair teeth and enhance smiles. A certified cosmetic dentist can explain to you the latest procedures and assist you in deciding which ones are helpful to you. Here are a few procedures:

Cosmetic dentistry has benefited much from new materials, such that of composite resin and high-density porcelain. These prostheses look, feel, and work like your natural teeth. They hold securely to your existing teeth, and help preserve more of your natural teeth. Bonding is one procedure that utilizes these state-of-the-art materials. When you have a fractured tooth, bonding can be used to restore it. The materials can be matched exactly to your remaining teeth, so it’s hard to tell that a procedure was ever done. The aesthetic quality of bonding is great.

This procedure also utilities composite resin and porcelain. The restorations are performed with these durable and reliable materials. The result is comfortable and the attractive restoration that protect your teeth is able to restore your natural tooth. The fillings look and feel natural and can endure significant biting force.

A procedure familiar to cosmetic dentists is the dental implants. Implants provide a secure and permanent replacement for missing teeth. Titanium rods are firstly inserted directly into your jaw bone, and then a crown is placed above it to complete the restoration. This is one of the modern ways to restore your smile, providing very natural and great results when the treatment is completed.

The specialty of orthodontics has been around for quite some time, giving people a straight smile and correcting jaw alignment issues. The newest option is clear aligners, usually known as invisible braces, is a breakthrough. These devices are able to straighten your teeth without using metal wires and brackets that traditional braces have. Instead, by using a series of clear trays worn over your teeth. They can be removed for eating and brushing and do not require any diet restrictions. Cosmetic dentists use clear braces for patients with mild crowding or minor spacing problems. They may not be ideal for severe crowding or complicated bite issues.


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