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Why Take Your Time Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist?

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

If you have decided to have a smile makeover, your selection of cosmetic dentist can make a huge difference. It is important to choose someone with sufficient experience and vision to create a stunning smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not a dental specialty, and any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. Failing to choose carefully could result in a less than satisfactory smile and may even cause dental problems or pain. The following tips will help you choose the right dentist in Richmond to construct your new smile

Ask for Referrals
When you start talking to friends, family and colleagues, you are likely to find several have already had cosmetic dentistry treatments. Word-of-mouth can often be the best way to choose a trustworthy and competent dentist.

Search the Internet
You have a wealth of information right at your fingertips, so search the Internet for good cosmetic dentists in your area. Many dentists have websites detailing their services and qualifications, as well as smile galleries showing before and after photographs of satisfied patients.

Visit the Practice
Take the time to visit all the dentists on your short list and schedule a consultation so you can get a feel for the dental office. Some people prefer a clinical approach, with lots of high-tech equipment, while others will feel more at home in somewhere a little warmer and more relaxed. When you visit, ask to see before and after photographs of actual patients, and if possible any testimonials.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask about Education and Experience
It is important to check your dentist has the right skill level to carry out your smile makeover. For example, if you want dental implants choose a dentist in Richmond who frequently places implants, and who is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Dealing with the Discomfort of Sensitive Teeth

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Do you experience shooting pains whenever you bite into something very hot, cold or sweet? If so you’re not alone as millions of Americans have sensitive teeth. This problem can cause you to think twice about food choices, and may impact your enjoyment of life.

Tooth sensitivity generally occurs when the dentin is exposed. This is the tooth material just underneath the hard outer layer of enamel, and it contains many tiny tubules that lead directly to the center of your tooth which is the pulp. The pulp houses all the nerves of your tooth, and is extremely sensitive to the sensations produced by hot, cold and sweet foods.

Sensitive teeth can develop due to several different factors which include:

  • Worn-out fillings
  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Tooth grinding
  • Improper brushing techniques that have worn down dental enamel
  • Poor oral care at home which has allowed tartar buildup
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth whitening treatments

It’s possible the sensations could also be due to a sensitive pulp. This tends to affect a single tooth and is due to the pulp being damaged in some way. These symptoms can often be similar to tooth sensitivity so it’s important to visit your dentist in Reno for a proper examination and x-rays to help diagnose any infection or decay.

Generalized tooth sensitivity affecting most or all of your teeth can be treated in several ways. It’s best to choose a soft bristled brush to clean your teeth, and use fluoride toothpaste to help protect them. Your dentist in Reno can recommend toothpaste specially designed for sensitive teeth which works by gradually blocking up the tubules in the dentin. This toothpaste needs to be used continuously for several weeks before the full effects will become apparent. If you have a sensitive tooth pulp, you could need root canal therapy to remove decayed, infected or damaged pulp material.

Dentist in Richmond that treats patients with sensitive teeth.

Easy Ways for Brightening Your Smile

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Most people are interested in having a bright, attractive smile, and yellow or discolored teeth can hamper this ambition. There are lots of different ways you can brighten up your smile, and listed below are a few popular methods.

Use Whitening Products
There are a multitude of products available to whiten teeth, including many home whitening kits. However it is far safer and more effective to visit your dentist in Reno. They will examine your teeth before whitening to ensure they are strong and healthy, and can use stronger products than can be bought over-the-counter. The effects are quicker, more dramatic and longer lasting.

Brush Your Teeth with Baking Soda
This is a simple technique for brightening teeth, and baking soda is an active ingredient in many home whitening products. You can just brush it on with your toothbrush to help remove some surface stains, but you shouldn’t do this too often as baking soda is quite abrasive.

This is an old-fashioned home remedy, and involves mashing up strawberries into a paste that is then applied to your teeth and left for up to half an hour. Strawberries contain malic acid which helps to lift stains from your teeth, but it can also soften tooth enamel and cause enamel erosion.

Avoid Foods That Stain
Certain foods are well known for discoloring teeth, including tea and coffee, curries, red wine and tomato based sauces. Acidic foods such as white wine can also increase the rate of staining. If you have these foods drink plenty of water while eating, and try to brush your teeth soon afterwards.

Quit Smoking
Smoking discolors teeth and causes bad breath. In addition it increases the risk of gum disease.

Think About Dental Veneers
Some tooth stains are hard to remove as they can be inside the tooth structure. In this case the best option is to cover up the tooth with a veneer that can be fabricated by your dentist in Reno. Dental veneers are made from thin pieces of porcelain and can hide all sorts of imperfections.

For professional teeth whitening in the Richmond VA area, contact our dental office.

A Quick Overview of Inlays and Onlays

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

If one of your teeth has a cavity your dentist in Richmond will need to remove the decay before the tooth can be restored. Small to medium sized cavities can be repaired with a filling, but larger areas of decay will need something stronger such as an inlay or onlay. You can learn more about these restorations by reading the following FAQs.

What Are Inlays and Onlays?
Inlays and onlays are called indirect restorations as they are fabricated in a laboratory. They are customized to restore strength and stability to a damaged tooth. An inlay is designed to fit in the central part of the chewing surface of a back tooth, while an onlay can replace this central area as well as one or more of the raised outer points on the tooth which are called cusps.

How Is an Inlay or Onlay Placed?
You’ll normally need two appointments with your dentist in Richmond to complete treatment. The first visit is to prepare the tooth through removing the decayed tissue. Your dentist will take an impression which is sent to the laboratory. Dental technicians fabricate the inlay or onlay using a plaster model cast up from the impression of your teeth. The finished restoration is sent back to the dental office for fitting at your next appointment.

What Is the Difference between an Inlay or Onlay and a Dental Crown?
An inlay or onlay only replaces a portion of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. A dental crown covers the entire tooth right down to the gum line.

How Long Will an Inlay or Onlay Last?
An inlay or onlay will be very hard wearing and long-lasting. Your restoration should last for at least ten years or more, provided you keep up with regular brushing and flossing and routine checkups, as well as professional cleanings. Your dentist will check the condition of your restorations at each appointment.

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