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ichThe Right Fit: Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Richmond VA

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

If you have decided to update your image, you want to select a cosmetic dentist who has the training and vision to create your dream smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a dental specialty so any dentist can claim the title of cosmetic dentist. Picking the wrong person can cause you lots of hassle and possibly even some pain. These tips will help you find the right dentist to transform your smile:

Get a referral.
Talk to friends, colleagues, and relatives to gather recommendations. Word of mouth can give you names of dentists the people close to you trust.

Use the Internet.
Surf the Web for cosmetic practices in your area. Many dentists have Web sites that will give you a glimpse into the services and personalities of potential candidates.

Visit the practice.
Once you have a list of possible dentists, schedule a consultation so that you can meet with the doctor and get a sense about the office. Some people prefer a warm, homey feel while others want a practice with state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

Review before and after photos.
Seeing actual pictures of patients a cosmetic dentist has treated will give you an idea of whether that doctor could be the right person to enhance your smile.

Discuss education and experience.
You only get one smile, so you want to make sure the cosmetic dentist you choose has a certain level of skill before you begin treatment. For certain procedures, like porcelain veneers, you want to find a dentist who consistently performs this service, which will help keep the doctor up-to-date on the latest advances.

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Amalgam versus Composite Fillings

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

In the past, metal (also known as amalgam) fillings were the only choice for repairing teeth. Fortunately, dental science has made many advancements, giving dentists and patients a better option – composite fillings. Not only do the composite (tooth-colored) fillings look more attractive, but they provide other benefits as well.

For more than 150 years, metal dental fillings were composed of silver, tin, mercury, and zinc. These fillings are fairly inexpensive and can last a while. However, with time the metal fillings can change shape and may even start to leak. Additionally, metal fillings can turn gray, which doesn’t help your smile look its best. Recently, concerns have been raised about the mercury in amalgam fillings and whether this exposure to this chemical might cause health issues. Some people are opting to have old metal fillings removed. Talk with your dentist if you are worried about amalgam fillings.

During the last two decades, composite fillings have become the gold standard for tooth restoration. Made from resin, which is a synthetic compound, composite fillings look like your natural teeth so they blend in with your smile. Tooth-colored fillings also require less removal of healthy tooth structure, allowing dentists to perform more conservative restorations. Because the composite fillings actually bond to the tooth, these fillings won’t change over the years.

At one time, composite fillings were much more expensive than their metal counterparts. As composites have improved, more insurance companies are covering these restorations. Check with your specific plan to find out what types of fillings your benefits will allow.

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Smoking and Gum Disease

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

For years, people have been warned about the dangers of smoking. We all know that smoking affects your overall wellbeing, straining your heart and lungs. Many people don’t realize that smoking can also damage your oral health. While you may dislike the yellow stains caused by the nicotine in cigarettes, smoking can cause even bigger problems for your gums and oral tissues.

One of the big concerns with smoking is the risk of oral cancer. Though smoking is often associated with lung cancer, smokers are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Some individuals have switched to chewing tobacco because they think it is a healthier alternative, but it actually elevates your oral cancer risk.

Another issue caused by smoking is gum disease. Compared to non-smokers, individuals who smoke are six times more likely to develop gum disease or other problems. Treating gum disease is also more difficult because smoking reduces the body’s ability to heal. As well, research has shown that smokers have less good bacteria in their mouth and more of the bad bacteria, which makes fighting gum disease harder.

The best choice for your oral health would be to stop smoking completely. Because many people have both a physical and psychological addiction to smoking, it can be difficult to quit. Ask your dentist or doctor for recommendations about programs to help you stop smoking. Until you quit, make sure to let your dentist know about your smoking habit. Your dentist may recommend more frequent checkups to protect your oral health.

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Fast Facts about Dentures

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Approximately, 45 million Americans currently wear full or partial dentures. When you lose teeth, your oral health and self-esteem can take a hit. Modern dentures allow you to restore the appearance and function of your smile. These facts will help you learn more about life with dentures.

Fact: Denture wearers need to see their dentists too.
Although dentures are prosthetic teeth, you still need to schedule regular checkups. At these visits, your dentist can examine your mouth to make sure everything looks okay and inspect your dentures to make sure they are in good shape.

Fact: You should never repair your own dentures.
Even if you have a small problem, contact your dentist to address any issue with your dentures. Making home repairs can cause further damage and may result in the need for a new dental appliance.

Fact: With dentures, eating and speaking are easier.
Missing teeth can impact your ability to talk and to chew food, which may limit your diet as well as social interactions. Once you have dentures, you can one again enjoy a full, active lifestyle.

Fact: People may not even know you are wearing dentures.
Constructed from fine dental materials, today’s dentures are designed to look and feel more like natural teeth. As well, dentures restore sunken facial features and allow you to renew your youthful appearance.

Fact: Taking care of dentures will protect your investment.
When you have dentures, you need to brush the prosthetics every day and store them in water when you aren’t wearing them. To make sure they fit correctly, see your dentist for regular adjustments.

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