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What is Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Do you have cracked or broken teeth?
Does your bite feel uncomfortable?
Are there gaps in your smile?
Do you cover your mouth because you feel embarrassed about your appearance?

With full-mouth reconstruction, you can once again enjoy a strong, attractive smile. Trauma, illness, and daily life can take a toll on your mouth. Designed to renew your smile and oral health, full-mouth reconstruction will relieve pain, improve stability, and produce whole-mouth harmony.

What is full-mouth restoration?
The full-mouth reconstruction process blends cosmetic and restorative therapies to create balance between your teeth, bone tissue, gums, and related muscles.

How do you begin the process?
The first step involves meeting with your dentist. Your doctor will want to perform a complete evaluation to determine the current status of your oral health. Then, you can ask questions and discuss the best treatment to generate optimal results.

How long will full-mouth reconstruction take?
Typically, a full-mouth restoration involves several office visits because your dentist will need to address both cosmetic and functional issues. A full-mouth reconstruction may include dental implants to replace missing teeth, dental crowns to rebuild worn areas, fillings for decay, and porcelain veneers to cover flaws.

Is full-mouth reconstruction painful?
Though the procedures may not be enjoyable, your dentist will work to keep you comfortable with anesthetic options such as nitrous oxide gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation. These modern advances allow you to attain a fabulous smile with little discomfort.

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The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

In the past, dental offices took X-rays that generated films of your mouth. The dentist would review these images and assess your oral health. With the modern advancement of digital radiography, the entire process has been streamlined, offering advantages for both patients and dentists.

Benefits of digital X-rays include:

Immediate image generation
With digital X-rays, your dentist can quickly pull up and view the shots of your mouth. For patients who may need more intense treatment, such as a root canal or implant therapy, the delay time is significantly lessened.

Enhanced imaging
Once a traditional film is developed, the dentist cannot manipulate the image. Digital radiography enables doctors to change the contrast, enlarge certain areas, and add color enhancements for clinical diagnoses as well for patient education.

Less radiation
Safeguarding your overall health is important no matter what type of practitioner you are visiting. Compared with traditional films, digital X-rays expose patients to 80 percent less radiation.

Easier access
Moving to digital X-rays makes storage easier and more secure. If you have seen the same dentist for many years, you may have acquired a great deal of film as part of your dental history. These physical files can easily get misplaced. Your dentist can store many digital files in a small, safe location that provides instant access.

Better cross-disciplinary sharing of information
If your dentist wants to send you for a second opinion, digital X-rays make the collaboration process with other doctors simple, allowing all your caregivers to review relevant data and be on the same page.

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Porcelain Veneers: Enjoy a Stunning Smile

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Do you admire the breathtaking smiles of movie stars and models, wishing you could enhance your own teeth? Often, people with brilliant images have improved Mother Nature’s handiwork through porcelain veneers. If stains, chips, or gaps make you want to hide you smile, porcelain veneers can mask imperfections to reveal a gorgeous, new image. Learn more about porcelain veneers with the following question and answers.

Why would I need porcelain veneers?
Many people opt for veneers if they want to update their smiles. Made from thin shells of fine dental porcelain, these restorations cover the teeth in your smile zone, changing the color, size, or shape of your teeth.

What is involved in getting veneers?
Usually, your dentist will schedule a consultation to discuss your goals for smile enhancement and show you examples of different veneer styles. At your next visit, your dentist will prepare your teeth for placement and take impressions to send to the dental lab. A skilled ceramist will handcraft the custom restorations. During your final appointment, your dentist will cement the porcelain veneers into place.

What types of veneers are available?
When considering porcelain veneers, your dentist will help you choose between custom veneers and minimal-prep veneers. Typically, your doctor will make recommendations based on what will look most natural and produce lasting beauty. Custom veneers are created to the dentist’s specification for your teeth. Minimal-prep veneers are contact-thin wafers that are placed over front teeth without enamel removal.

Are veneers permanent?
Custom veneers require removing a thin layer of enamel, so you cannot have them removed after placement. However, minimal-prep veneers are reversible.

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Finding the Right Dentist

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Statistics show that approximately 32 percent of Americans haven’t visited a dentist in the last year and a half. This is probably because many people don’t know how to go about finding the right dentist. By using the resources at your disposal, you can select a dentist who will protect your oral health and give you a spectacular smile.

Ask for recommendations
One of the best ways to find a top-notch dentist is to get referrals from friends, co-workers, and family members. Having the endorsement of someone you trust is a good sign for any dentist you may choose.

Search the internet
The Web provides would-be patients with descriptive information about dental practices, their teams, office environment, and services available. Checking out this information can help you narrow down your options.

Visit different practices
Once you have selected several candidates, schedule consultation appointments at the different practices. These visits will give you a chance to meet the doctor and staff as well as get a feel for the atmosphere in the office. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in the dentist.

Consider education and experience
For parents of young children, a pediatric dentist may be the best choice. Patients who need extensive repairs should look for a dentist with an extensive cosmetic and restorative background. Knowing what you need will help pare down the list.

Check out the finished product
If you are considering a smile makeover, dental implants, or other significant dental work, ask to see examples of completed cases so that you get an idea of the dentist’s skills and style. Brown Reynolds and Snow actually post real before and after pictures of patients on their website, so you can view them from the comfort of your computer.

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